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YS Course on Critical Thinking - via practical approach (4 sessions)


YS Course on Critical Thinking - via practical approach (4 sessions)

Start Date 02nd December 2018 10:30 AM
End Date 02nd December 2018 12:00 PM
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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 10:30AM - 12:00PM + Venue: YS Science Center Price: Rs 2000 Details: Eligibility: Class VI to X Designed and brought to you by This is a course that takes a practical approach to develop critical thinking. The aim is to make the participants appreciate criticism and analysis, provide tools to incorporate such methods to problem-solving and become better thinkers. This course also serves as a training for Olympiads and Talent Search Exams. All necessary worksheets and materials will be provided. Group activities and games will demand the application of theory to real-life problems. This is a 6-hour course delivered over 4 weeks as four 1.5 hour sessions. Every session will have a hands-on section to reinforce the concepts learnt. Why Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is something that rarely, if ever, is taught to the students in schools. However, they are expected to employ it repeatedly in education- not just in science and mathematics, but also in languages, computer science, social studies etc. The lack of focussed training in thinking leaves a student free to use any method to perform better in academics and this can involve questionable practices like rote-learning and over-simplification. This course aims to provide a fun training to become a better thinker, develop an analysing mind, and apply logic to everyday problems and in decision making. Why a practical approach? A brilliant mind is of no benefit to anyone unless it is put to use. Thinking tools that are learnt will only rust in memory if not applied immediately. To maximise the benefit of this course, each session will have activities and games to utilise the techniques learnt theoretically. It not only makes the lessons persist but also provides good fun and creates a positive association with learning. This is also the philosophy of The activities and games used in this course are carefully designed to develop abilities that are beyond the limits of traditional evaluation (I.Q. & standardised tests). The participant will also develop soft skills, negotiation, leadership and a broadened perspective on life. We want to demonstrate to your child that education, and not just knowledge, can be useful in leading a better life and creating a better society. Course Objectives: Detail the different aspects of intelligence. Establish the importance of critical thinking in life. Clarify concepts like Venn diagram, polynomial division etc. Develop skills in logical, verbal and spatial reasoning. Improve decision-making ability. Build social skills and interpersonal communication. Provide time management and test-day strategies for Olympiads. Have good fun and become better thinkers! Course plan: Each session will focus on a couple of topics and will have individual or group activities to apply the concepts learnt. Dec' 1st: Introduction to Intelligence & Critical Thinking. Matchstick Puzzles. Dec' 8th: Pattern recognition & Verbal reasoning Lateral Thinking Problems Dec' 15th: Sequences & Word problems Logic games. Dec' 22nd: Time management & Test strategies Mock test Note: This is a multiple-day event. When purchasing the ticket you can choose any day, and you will be eligible to attend all the sessions. The course fee is for all the four sessions. These sessions also work independently and you may register for the individual ones you choose. This is only possible if a vacancy is available. If you would like to do so, please get in touch with us.
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